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Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Featured, My thoughts | 0 comments

Coffee… a worldwide passion!

Coffee… a worldwide passion!

It was the birthday of a friend of ours this weekend and we decided to buy him three of our favorite local coffees as a gift. I am very much in favor of supporting local producers of most things but with these coffees I don’t feel like I’m being philanthropic in the least. They are all sensational coffees and I feel sure they can stand up with the world’s best!

Like in any family, social circle or close knit industry there is bickering, back biting and politics. I have heard loads of coffee roaster gossip and at the end of the day I couldn’t care less. All three of the below roasters produce fabulous coffee and with each new roaster who cares about their trade and educates people in how to best use their products, they raise the bar and the expectations of the consumer.

I am just grateful that we are now spoiled for choice and no longer have to be subjected to bad coffee if we can possibly help it!

I have decided to let each of the roasters we chose speak for themselves, by giving you an extract from each of their websites. My suggestions I that you make a point of visiting each of these establishments yourself and if you don’t live in Cape Town, try to track down a wise supplier who stocks their product near you, or make a point of finding out who the coffee roasters in your area are who take real pride in what they do and tell me about them!

Listed in alphabetical order…

Deluxe Coffee Works –

“You should also know that we don’t follow any rules when it comes to our coffee. In fact, there aren’t many rules that we follow in general. We are passionate about coffee and we think that is good enough reason for what we do. We don’t have all the answers but we do know what we want. And that is to roast, supply and serve coffee in the best way we know how. We also believe in having a great place where we can do all this and furthermore, where you can enjoy our coffee. That is why our coffee roastery is the way it is. You won’t find any fancy food or interweb here. That’s not our vibe. Awesome tunes, interesting people and great coffee. That’s what we’re about.”

Origin Coffee Roasting –

“Origin is an obsession. Cape Town’s De Waterkant is its home. We select speciality beans with an African focus and transform them through artisan roasting and expert preparation into an exquisite cup. Intensive barista training at Origin extends the quality of our espresso drinks and flat whites to our wholesale clients and their customers countrywide. Coffee not your cup of tea? We also have over 100 fine leaf teas from great origins worldwide.

It doesn’t stop there (did we mention were fanatics?). We offer ourcommercial clients a lasting, committed relationship, with tailored consulting on every level to ensure that your coffee competes with the best in the world. We’ve developed a school to qualify the Baristas who will pour your coffee.

If you think you know nothing about coffee, visit us. If you think you know a lot about coffee, visit us. The proof is in the cup. You decide.”

Truth coffee cult

“Not all coffees are created equal. The streets are overflowing with watery brew; and this taste-bud nightmare continues to exist because good people remain silent.

No longer! This travesty of coffee justice ends right here with this institution.

At Truth. the bitter horror of the over-roasted bean is avoided, the coarse grind is banished and poor preparation is shunned.

Say no to mediocrity!

Experience coffee as a religion.”



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