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Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in My thoughts | 1 comment

Crazy for organic

Crazy for organic

Ever since returning from Norway, I have gone organic crazy. The family I worked for there tried, as far as possible, only to eat organic or bio-dynamic products and we had many discussions around the topic. I feel particularly strongly about it as I drink freshly pressed fruit and veggie juice daily and the idea of the pesticides going in concentrated form through my juice into me, has become totally unpalatable.

So in my quest for organic products I have found that the larger Woolies stores such as the one in Cavendish Square; Wild organics and the Ethical Co-op have provided me with a huge selection of relatively reasonably priced products which have so far not been that hard to get hold of. It’s still a far cry from popping into my local store and being able to get all I need there. But then again, there is a certain special charm and enjoyment to getting a weekly hamper stuffed to the brim with good, wholesome and exciting food. And also making a special trip to a store or market to find things which are made with care and love. You end up treating those things with the same care and love they were produced with.

I am so over the mass produced convenience which is rammed down our throats at every turn. And then having to run to the gym or the doctor to solve the problems related to our excessive life styles.

Okay, okay – I will get off my levitating soap box now. I have sooo many guilty pleasures I can’t even keep count, but 2013 is my year to try to live and eat more consciously.

Yesterdays box of pure joy from Ethical co-op!


1 Comment

  1. What are the standards here for 'organic'? I know they have a classification system in German and depending on how much pesticides go into something they are rated. Is that government controlled and approved here?

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