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Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Featured, Mains, My thoughts, Recipes, Salads, Special diet, Vegetarian | 0 comments

The new fast food

The new fast food

The Domestic Goddesses are reinventing the term “fast food”. We are giving it a new, healthier meaning. Just because food can be prepared quickly and still taste delicious should not simultaneously mean that it necessarily has to be bad for you or bought at your nearest Mc Donalds or KFC. By following this simple process there is no longer an excuse for letting time constraints have a negative effect on your diet.

This is not a recipe but rather more a principle and consists of four elements. Starch, veg, protein and dressing. The outcome varies all the time depending on the ingredients at hand, your mood and the amount of time you have. Because of this, I never grow tired of it. There is something perfect about the balanced nature of the ingredients. The fact that it is largely low fat, low GI, high in veggies and fibre but never the less so tasty and satisfying making this a perfect ‘fast’ food.

fast fuel 5


The starch

This is traditionally steamed basmati rice or a microwave, baked or boiled potato. To the rice, I usually add either lentils or quinoa. I have also used barley and couscous before.


The veg

I use mostly salad type veggies as I like their crisp texture. The staples would be tomato, cucumber and grated carrot but you could add any number of other veggies like courgette, butternut, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower etc. Preserved veggies are also great like gherkins, olives, capers, marinated sundried tomatoes. I rarely use tinned or frozen veggies but frozen corn is a great addition. Of course salad leaves and sprouts are also great.


The protein

The protein is usually a simple no cook protein like tuna, smoked chicken, feta cheese, cottage cheese, and grated soft cheese, soy products, tinned beans and chickpeas, nuts or seeds. The lentils and quinoa which I cook with the rice are also high in protein. Leftover cooked chicken, fish or steak are also great.


The dressing

This is also a quick fix dressing of whatever is handy, ranging from a knob of butter, salt and pepper; mayo; left over dressings from other salads; chutney, relishes, hot sauce or lemon juice and olive oil. I have been crazy about coconut milk, soy, sesame oil and sushi ginger juice lately.


fast fuel 1



fast fuel 2



fast fuel 3



fast fuel 4


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