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Posted by on May 10, 2011 in Featured, My thoughts | 0 comments

I eat a lot!

I eat a lot!

I eat a lot… all the food I blog about is what I am currently eating and then there’s all the food I don’t blog about. I eat a lot. Always have, always will. So, people sometimes ask me why I’m not fat. Firstly, they don’t see me in my birthday suit (eeek!). I certainly could do with a few less meals and few more sessions of exercise.

Aside from the few extra kilo’s I would love to do without, I think I have a pretty awesome metabolism and this I can only ascribe to the fact that I have always eaten a lot and regularly. My body has not had to deal with any starvation shocks (aka diets) and consequently seems not feel the need to hold onto much-stored reserve as it is pretty well assured to be getting it’s next meal soon.

Lastly, I try to keep a mostly healthy diet so that I don’t have to feel guilty when I feed my cravings from time to time. I have blogged about my fruit and veggie juice for breakfast which gives my body the kick start it needs every day and then I also have another passion which has come with me through most of my life. It has the very sophisticated title of ‘Rice Moosh’. This I think can be attributed to it being named when I was much much younger, but the name has stuck in my household.

Rice moosh is pretty straight forward and at its most basic is a combination of steamed rice with chopped up salad goodies like cucumber and tomato and usually some dairy like butter (if the rice is hot), cottage cheese or feta. It has developed over the years and now I usually add lentils or quinoa to the rice and the ‘salad’ ingredients can range from steamed veggies like broccoli, butternut or sweetcorn, to preserved ingredients like sundried tomatoes, capers and pickles along with all manner of raw chopped veggies. I also love adding toasted seeds or nuts too.

I keep a supply of rice with lentils or quinoa in the fridge so I have an easy meal waiting whenever I need it. I also often make that for Adam to take to work for lunch.

It is a well balanced and satisfying meal which leaves my tummy happy and me guilt free, ready to face the next feast I’m planning!




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