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Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Beverages, Breakfast, Featured, Mains, My thoughts, Recipes, Special diet, Vegetarian | 0 comments

When you’ve had a little too much fun…

When you’ve had a little too much fun…

It’s Monday morning and the Domestic Goddesses are feeling a bit bleary from a weekend filled with fun and giggles (perhaps a smattering too much fun). This got us thinking about healthy hangover remedies that can help make the morning after slightly more bearable. So we decided to do some research into the matter. All theoretical of course because domestic goddesses know when to stop 😉

While experiencing a hangover your body is going through both alcohol withdrawal and getting rid of toxins. This means you’re going to be feeling nauseous, bloated, tender as well as dehydrated and headachey. Not fun, but we found a few healthy remedies which will help ease the symptoms and get your body on the road to recovery quick quick.

We’ve made a list of easy 3 easy remedies you can whip up at home. If you need a quicker fix than that or the fridge is a bit bare, pop in at your nearest Kauai or Osumo rather than McDonald’s  which is seriously just adding insult to injury.




Steamed veg with pesto

Buy a bag of mixed veg for steaming and a jar of pesto from your local supermarket. Lightly steam or boil the veg, drain and top with the generous serving of pesto and enjoy! This is a great healthy, low-carb meal which will satisfy the comfort food cravings while still replenishing lost vitamins minerals and healthy oils you body needs as well as leveling out your blood sugar.


Juices 1


Veg and fruit juices

It is essential to get hydrated; stabilise your blood sugar and to alkalise the body. An alkalising green juice is just the ticket for this.

If you have a juicer at home select the veggies you want to juice. Wash the fruit, veggies and herbs and trim off any bitter bits like stalks, leaves and skins; as well as any bruised or ugly bits. Cut up into pieces which will fit into the juicer and juice away. You may want to dilute this with a bit of water and keep drinking as much of this as you can gradually during the day until you feel fully hydrated again.

Green juice suggestions – apple, mint, cucumber, lemon and spinach or kale

Orange juice suggestions – oranges, carrots, tomato and ginger

Red juice suggestions – apple, cucumber, lemon and beetroot



Berry Smoothie

Smoothies are very soothing to the inflamed tummy; full of the essential vitamins and minerals you need and an easy way to get brain food if you are feeling a bit nauseous and can’t face a proper meal.

Blend fresh of frozen berries and banana; oats or almonds; ice and coconut milk or yogurt and the sweetener of your choice, i.e stevia, xylitol, or honey. Water it down if it’s too think – you want to get hydration from this too.


Frozen fruit

Written by Gabi 

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