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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Featured, My thoughts | 0 comments

A very good day!

A very good day!

It is the last of my days in France for the next two months, as I head off to Norway this week. The owner of the yacht has asked me to come with them for the summer and I thought that was quite an interesting turn of events. Norway has never been on my top 10 places to visit, but now that I have researched it a bit further it seems like a phenomenal place and I am excited about this adventure.

So, aside from working on the boat, I have been able to enjoy quite a bit of Antibes life. Meeting new friends and spending time with my nephew. I have been on the beach quite a lot too which is amazing for me. The sun is so much milder, a fair skinned lass like me can really enjoy the beach here. The swimming is also such a unique experience for me, coming from our wild and dangerous oceans. The calm, clear, warm Mediterranean water is so tranquil and relaxing.

On Saturday a group of us gathered on the beach to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I took a few pictures which I feel sum up the day. It was a good day!

Cheese platter care of Rob, styling care of me!


Luke and Anna relaxing in the sun.


The birthday girl, Ashley and moi.

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