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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in My thoughts | 1 comment

Everything just tastes better here!

Everything just tastes better here!

I feel like a traitor saying the words, but – everything just tastes better on the Cote d’Azur. Now this might be because it is all so sparkly and new to me or because the Mediterranean sun and sea air is clouding my judgement. Or it may just be because they have access to the very best of everything here and have the discernment to expect and demand the best, at affordable prices.

Now my experiences here have been limited. Limited by the fact that I have been working most of the time and limited by the fact that I’ve been spending time with pretty health conscious people. But what I have been loving is the simplicity of the eating style. Simple dishes with few ingredients and a true celebration of the quality of the individual ingredients.

I have lost 2kgs in three weeks and all I have been doing is cooking, shopping and eating. The portions are smaller and with ingredients that shine, you don’t need to smother everything in sauces and spices. Viva the Mediterranean diet!

The view from the kitchen at the flat.


The view from the yacht

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