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Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Baking, Featured, Recipes | 0 comments

My first attempt at French Macaroons

My first attempt at French Macaroons

My niece is an amazing cake baker. She has the patience, artistic talent and creative flair to create not only beautiful but also great tasting cakes. I do not. I have a few cake recipes which I think I have mastered but the quicker I can get them made with simple (but elegant) decoration, the better.

That said I have always heard how difficult french macaroons are to make and my niece mentioned wanting to make them, so for me it was part challenge and part something fun to with her. On Sunday we tackled the task. We watched various You Tube videos on the topic and found one which really made sense to us. We also found an espresso butter cream filling recipe which appealed to us and we decided to give them a bash.

Although the result was far from perfect looks wise, they had a crunchy outside, chewy inside with a silky filling. The bug has now bitten. I want to perfect this heavenly little cookie.

The recipe I used for the macaroons, click here.

For the espresso butter cream filling, click here.

I will report back once I have found out what I did wrong and what to do to make the perfectly.

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