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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Breakfast, Vegetarian | 2 comments

Breakfast at Betty’s

Breakfast at Betty’s

Adam and I have spent the weekend out in Betty’s Bay with my parents. Now anyone who knows my parents, knows that they make arguably, the best breakfast in the world. Now this is not because they are complex or multi-course or fancy in any way. They are just made with care and excellence.

The way my mother makes grilled tomatoes is simply unsurpassed. I can’t order grilled tomatoes at a restaurant, as the disappointment is just too much for me to bear. Now the secret is simple. You cut just the top and bottom sliver of the tomatoes off. Fry them in a heavy bottomed pot on medium heat in a little oil until the the side which is facing down starts to brown. Flip the tomatoes and sprinkle a little salt and half a teaspoon of brown sugar on the top of each tomato, allowing it to melt and seep into the tomato. Once the flipped side has browned as well, then turn the tomatoes again and salt and sugar the other side. Turn the heat down very low now as you don’t want the sugar to burn at the bottom of the tomato. Put the lid on the pot for a bit to speed up the melting of the sugar. This also promotes condensation which develops a lovely syrup at the bottom of the pot.

The eggs my parents had, caused quite a stir. They buy their eggs from a farm shop out in Kleinmond and are the biggest eggs I have ever seen in my life. Every egg has a double yolk and is at least double the volume of a jumbo egg.

I love the rings my mom used to contain the pouched eggs and ducked out immediately after breakfast to buy some.

I couldn’t resist this picture of my husband, caught showing his true monkey self, with his tail peeking out behind him. Note on the table, the bowl of chopped herbs with garlic and some spices, which are a family tradition on our breakfast eggs.


My mother has also perfected a high fibre gluten free seed loaf which we made tidy work of at breakfast. She has promised to take down the recipe next time she makes it and will send it to me.


  1. Hi Thekla, its looks absolute gorgeous and reminds me of what you made for us this summer. I never made this after you left but I will definitely do it now. i look forward to get your mums recipe of this brown bread and compare this to my own. I am curious to see if it crumbles when sliced!?<br />Best Lisbet<br />

    • I will nag her for the recipe! She has been experimenting quite a bit and the texture has been good. BUT not as good as the mixes we had in Norway! Need to import that product here (and nutrilet). Been missing my breakfast nutrilet!

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