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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Featured, My thoughts, Salads, Special diet, Vegetarian | 0 comments

Home, ever so sweet, home!

Home, ever so sweet, home!

It has taken a full week, but today I finally feel like I’m home. I have been in this strange limbo space between worlds, identities, responsibilities, currencies, sides of the road, languages, friends, kitchens and beds! But now I’ve officially grounded; and am home. A space filled with my life – my identity.

On Monday I started returning to a basic healthy, whole and mostly raw eating routine; and today my body has just been tingling with the joy of it all. I have tried as far as possible to stick to organic produce and avoided dairy, gluten and sugar. Along with this I have been nesting – spring cleaning, reorganizing and just making this space mine again. Today it just feels like it is all coming together. And I am feeling good.

Today’s lunch was a variation on my raw pad Thai salad, click here for the link.

My gorgeous cat, Tara, chilling on my bed. Her sister was killed while I was away. So sad.

Phiwe has been over joyed to have me back. She says the one-way conversations with Tara were getting a bit boring. I am just loving having fresh veggie juice made for me again and now even better with the organic veggies.


This was my lunch yesterday. Rocket, microgreens, sprouts, steamed broccoli, shaved carrot, red pepper, tomoto, pickled ginger and a handful of raw almonds. I dressed the salad with lemon juice, zest, olive oil, the juice from pickled ginger, garlic, salt and pepper.

I bought a box of microgreens from Woolies and I have used them in three salads so far as garnish. They are fiendishly expensive but they look so great and I eat with my eyes too.

Phiwe is happy to have me back in the kitchen too!

She loves veggies and almost all of the crazy things I cook.



 This was lunch on Monday. I had done a big shop of organic bean, seeds, nuts and pulsars at Komati foods down the road. I soaked and cooked up some black beans, to which I added only salt, pepper a dash of olive oil and then fresh chopped onion. I served that warm with a side salad very similar to the salad I mentioned above. The beans were amazing. I had two more helpings after this.

Woolies has started selling potted herbs! I immediately bought a whole lot to plant in the garden but also put a few in the kitchen. I think they add such a homely touch to the decor.

And now I’m off to have dinner at The Dog’s Bollocks, which I haven’t tried yet! A great week so far!

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