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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in My thoughts, Seafood | 0 comments

Seafood braai with old friends!

Seafood braai with old friends!

For those of you who know me by now, you will know that braai’s (BBQ) and Shellfish individually are not my favorite things. Put them together and they send a shiver down my spine. Well, a few days ago I was invited to one such occasion.

The braai was hosted at the home of one of my brother’s oldest friends, who has been tormenting me since I was a little girl. I am happy to say that age has mellowed him. No wedgies, bra strap snaps or teasing at all! Phew.

My brother arrived at the braai loaded with masses of oysters, lobsters, giant and normal prawns. It was a feast (for the eyes, for me)! With Bec and Katie both being Chefs (and me knowing my way round a kitchen too) we were in safe hands. I wouldn’t starve.

The salads I made safely waiting on the table, for the lobster and giant prawns to be ready for the braai.

Platter of oysters ready for slurping! I had two. I quite like oysters.


Captain happiness!


Garlic and herb butter, some sizzling smoky heat and voila!


Spicy prawns flipping in the pan!


The first guests to the table couldn’t hold back!



I tasted everything and the flavoring and cooking were perfect! I’m just simply not a shellfish fan. I did however really enjoy the little spicy prawns. I had two. My salads did the trick for me. A platter of Lamingtons and chocolates rounded of the meal perfectly!

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