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Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Beverages, Featured, Recipes, Special diet, Vegetarian | 0 comments

Ice coffee my way… and the high octane way

Ice coffee my way… and the high octane way

I love coffee!

I know the health risks and the health benefits (yay!). I try not drink too much of it and make sure it’s fair-trade, organic etc etc etc but the idea of cutting coffee out of my life just makes me sad…

During summer I love to drink and ice coffee after lunch. It helps me through my afternoon slump and keeps me cool at the same time. I have a fabulous portable chiller sippy cup thing (from woolies) which I use at home and on the road. My go to mix is a double espresso with soya milk and xylitol over lots and lots of ice blocks. It’s quick, easy and tastes delicious to me. ‘Normal’ people can use any strong half portion of whatever coffee you like with lots of ice (the hot coffee melts half the ice before getting cold) then add what ever extras you usually use in your coffee. I recommend adding sugar while the coffee is still hot as it dissolves better.

That said, a few months ago I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers about her favorite ice coffee recipe. So yesterday I decided to try it out. I did change up a few things here and there but inspiration can mostly from The Pioneer Woman.

Here it is!


ice coffee step 5 lr


Ice Coffee Concentrate

125g ground coffee
1 litre boiling water

Combine the hot water and coffee in a large casserole dish and allow it to cool. Once the mixture has cooled, pop it in the fridge and leave it over night.


ice coffee step 1 lr


When ready, removed it from the fridge and strain it into a plastic bowl. To strain place two layers of jay cloth (or muslin) into a colander or sieve and pour the mixture through it. Once it stops running through the cloth, pick up the corners of the cloth and gently start squeezing the mixture into your bowl.


ice coffee step 2 lr


ice coffee step 3 lr


Ice coffee cubes (optional but great when you have them)

100 ml Coffee concentrate
100 ml Milk/ milk substitutes
2 tsp Sugar/ Sugar substitutes to taste

Combine all ingredients together, pour in an ice tray, pop in the freezer and leave until frozen.


ice coffee step 4 lr


The ice coffee

1/2  coffee concentrate
1/2 milk / milk substitute (or to taste)
sugar or sugar substitute (to taste)
Ice coffee ice cubes or regular ice

Pour a mixture of the concentrate and milk in a glass (I did half and half), stir in sugar to taste and pop of few of the ice coffee ice cubes into the glass, and enjoy! This coffee has a pretty sturdy kick… if you’re caffeine sensitive this may not be the thing for you!

mary Louise giff

What I think I look like, while sipping my coffee.


ice coffee step 6 lr

What I actually look like, while sipping my coffee.

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