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Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in Recipes | 2 comments

Quick fix meal in one salad!

Quick fix meal in one salad!

As I mentioned in my last post, we are trying to follow a post silly season sensible eating plan. I am pretty good at making healthy taste good so it hasn’t been that hard so far. We are missing the treats and snacking which seem to be synonymous with road trips and holidays, but chilled ripe mangoes and litchis have take the place of chocolates and deserts and flavoured rice cakes and corn crackers have taken the place of toasties and chips.

With Adam being a vegetarian I am always conscious about the protein content of our meals, and salads can easily fall down on non animal low fat  proteins. But a quick fix salad I made the other day with things I had in the house really hit the spot for us. It was filling, delicious and totally satisfying not leaving us craving for sweet things later.

In a mixing bowl I added a tin of PnP four bean mix (which I drained and rinsed); grated carrot; chopped avo; chopped tomato; crumbled feta, toasted and lightly spiced omega mix seeds and some left over brown rice. To this I added a squeeze of lemon juice a dash of white wine vinegar, salt, fresh garlic, whole grain mustard, black pepper and a pinch of sugar. I tossed the ingredients together, tasted it to see if I liked the dressing (here is where you would adjust the seasoning) and then spooned that over a handful of my favourite baby Asian leaf salad.

It was delicious and considering how unglamorous the ingredients and method are, I think it still looked quite nice too.


  1. Cool recipe Thekla! Please won&#39;t you post more salady recipes as I too am trying the whole New Year&#39;s sensible eating thing, and I&#39;m growing bored with my current repertoire of recipes :)<br /><br />Cheers, annette

    • Watch this space – made some sensational salads this weekend which I will blog about this week!

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