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Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Mains, Seafood | 0 comments

What a gorgeous evening we had!

What a gorgeous evening we had!


Many years ago I became friends with an Italian called Alberto, who loves to cook and entertain. I have spent so many evenings in his kitchen while he cooks, learning how to keep food simple. To honour the flavours of the food rather than to mask them with too many ingredients, spices and sauces. Alberto claims to cook Italian peasant food, but using the best ingredients he can find and having that magic touch, he creates meals which are 100% unforgettable.

Last Wednesday was just one of those meals. Luckily this time I brought my camera with so I was able to capture enough of it so that I can share it with you today. Alberto has sent me the recipe which I have pasted at the end, but as with all natural cooks, there are no exact measurements, cooking times or temperatures. This is something which is done by feel. Once I get around to recreating this dish at home, I will add my version of the recipe with the necessary measurements.

But in the mean time, eat with your eyes. The recipe Alberto cooked for us, he learned from a fisherman and is called Pasta alla Ponzese (Ponza is a island of the Arcipelago Pontino).

Cherry tomatoes, capers, chopped basil and mint and diced kingklip

ready for the pan.

The master at work!



Adam unwinding after a long day.


The capers, almonds, basil and mint happily frying away in

Morgenster olive oil, which Alberto swears by.


Cherry tomatoes added along with a glug of wine and

fried until they are just softening.


The fish is added and fried until all is bubbling again, then the lid closed

and allowed to gently cook through on the very lowest gas.


The girls making a chickpea and sauteed mushroom salad.


Adams last minute cherry tomato and basil pasta because Albs

had forgotten he was a veggie.


The finished product tossed with macaroni pasta and extra herbs

– so simple yet so unbelievably good!


Happy guests waiting to tuck in.

Pasta alla Ponzese (Ponza is a island of the Arcipelago Pontino)

Recipe by Alberto Del Cincque

Maccheroni Barilla


Olive Oil

Diced Almonds




White wine

Cherry tomatoes

Sword Fish or Kingklip



Warm the oil with the garlic, when hot add the capers and press them with a fork. Add the diced almonds and let them toast for a while.

Add then half of the mint and half of the basil, the cherry tomatoes and some wine. Cook until the tomatoes starts to become soft. Add the fish reduced into cubes. Reduce the heat and cover with a lid.

Before serving add some more fresh mint and basil.

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