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Posted by on Jan 26, 2012 in Snacks, Special diet, Vegetarian | 1 comment

I love smile maker season!

I love smile maker season!

I have been eating the most perfect mangoes every day for about the last month. I am simply crazy about them. I like them best when they are still firm and quite tart, but bursting with real sun ripened sweetness. You really can taste the difference when they are out of season. They have an insipid taste which is so far from the seasonal mango experience that it really is not worth it. Rather eat paw paw and oranges in winter!

I have grown up with my Dad calling mangoes, smile makers. He had read somewhere that they had a serotonin stimulating quality. Now I have been searching the internet high and low and have found that mangoes are referred to as the King of fruits because of a whole slue of scientific information on how bally good they are for you, but sadly no mention of this serotonin stimulating quality.

I can, however, testify from personal experience that eating a perfectly ripe mango makes me not just smile but beam and that is good enough reason for me to carry on calling them smile makers!



This morning I decided to stray from my normal routine of eating my mango straight up and to make a banana, mango, almond and oats smoothie.


1/2 – 1 frozen (or fresh) banana pieces

1/2 a fresh ripe mango pieces

3 Tbsp of oats

6 raw almonds

2 Tbsp of plain yogurt

3 ice cubes

1 Tbsp of lemon juice

I got my frozen bananas from the freezer, broke them up into pieces and combined all the ingredients into my blender jar and blended it up. You need to pulse the blender (a sort of bouncing motion) when you hit the frozen bits so that it will blend up easily. You don’t want to force your blender onto a frozen piece of ice or fruit. You add some fruit juice or water if you want it thinner.

Lastly I added a big squeeze of lemon juice as I wanted it a little tarter, and there I was set for the morning!

1 Comment

  1. "Eine Mango am Morgen zaubert ein Laecheln aufs Gesicht" That I learned from Sylvi!

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