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Posted by on Jul 26, 2011 in My thoughts | 0 comments

Gone fishing?

Gone fishing?

In case you were wondering if I had gone fishing… not quite. I have been working my butt off and have barely had time to snap a photo let alone write about my experiences of late. This weekend I cooked for a party of 101 people single handed. Before you get too impressed, it was a very simple menu so not really rocket science. I served loads of fabulous Fairview cheeses on Knead bread, garnished with various accompaniments. I made some of my roasted hummus which I served on bread with marinated sundried tomatoes.



For mains I served my express butter chicken on steamed aromatic rice with fresh coriander. To serve 100 people I had to make 25 litres of curry and 25 litres of rice… that was quite an amazing thing to see coming out of my little kitchen. This was followed by two chocolate cakes which were the sum of 6 x Devil’s food cake. Simple, easy, delicious – just time consuming doing it for that many people.

 Yesterday was spent crazily preparing for my three week trip to Joburg where I will be training every day, sometimes in the evenings too and one day on the weekend… so I will take loads of pictures and come back with many stories to tell… but I doubt I will get the time to blog.

Today I helped with my god-daughters birthday party and some of the snacks I made with Yvonne her nanny, were mini bacon and cheese quiches and… that devilish chocolate cake again!

All in all I am tiered, happy, excited, nervous and a little sad that I won’t have time to blog, but I will back in three weeks with so much exciting foodie news to tell you all about. I will be tweeting and facebook’ing so if you don’t already follow me – do!


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