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Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Oasis for the soul

Oasis for the soul

For months a friend of mine was telling me about this coffee shop called Starlings in Rondebosch, but as it was out the way for me, it never really crossed my mind to go. One morning when I had had a seriously crappy start to my day my friend stuffed a R100 note into my handbag and said she was sending me directly to this coffee shop as it would be the balm my soul needed to get my day back on track again. Well – it was exactly as she had promised and more.

From the moment I walked in I was enveloped with the smell of great coffee mixed with fresh pastries and a melange of goodness wafting from the kitchen. However, what struck me most, was the sense that you are being cared for when you are there. The space feels like a friend [with great taste’s] home. Where ever you look you see something personal and beautiful.

The staff are warm yet unobtrusive. The menu is simple but perfectly balanced. There is no compromise made on ingredients or suppliers. The coffee and tea served are from Origin, the oil and balsamic on the table is Willow Creek, the pesto served with my poached eggs is Pesto Princess, the chicken used is free range and it feels good knowing that you are going to be served only the best local produce.

Starlings has now become a destination for me, a place I go to when I need to feel nurtured. Today was a day like that and it was also the first time I chatted with Trish, the owner, chef, decorator, gardener, manager, cost controller, you name it. After chatting to her it is clear why Starlings is such a special place. Trish treats the restaurant like it’s her home and her customers like special guests and friends. Her staff are like family and everything she surrounds herself with is personally chosen and placed. Everything has a story and there is charm which can only be generated with time, care and passion.

If you have been before or plan to go – let me know what you think?

1 Comment

  1. Always nice to read reviews as such! Having worked with them so much during my career in the hotel industry. Word of mouth for me too is huge. Will definitely make a turn here when next in Cape Town. Rondebosch is my old stmping ground too 😉

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