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Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in Featured, My thoughts | 1 comment



Not feeling 100s today and don’t really feel like cooking or eating (shock and horror!), but I do feel like sharing a story which has really touched me. Yesterday I received a parcel from a family friend, who moved to England at least 15 years ago. When I was doing a brief stint in London about 13 years ago, Theresa was my safe place. I would go spend time with her when I needed to feel held and heard. She would prepare a lovely meal and we would talk for hours.

One meal I remember vividly, as at the time this was totally revolutionary to me. She had baked a dish of tomatoes still on the vine, each draped with an anchovy fillet, scattered with a handful of capers and drizzled with olive oil. We ate this with crusty ciabatta bread and I was in heaven. Sadly, as these things go, we have lost touch and it was with such surprise and delight that I received a parcel from her yesterday with a beautiful card and letter.

She has been following my blog from afar and wanted to share a book with me from, Molly Wizenberg, the author of one of her favourite blogs called, Orangette. I naturally skipped straight to the blog and have been paging through the book, A Homemade Life, and browsing through her blog and am simply enchanted.

I have been getting that same safe, warm, happy feeling while ready Molly Wizenbergs words as when I used to stay with Theresa. I can’t wait to get stuck into the book properly and start experimenting with some of Molly’s recipes.

Thank you Theresa for all you did for me back then and for the kind words in your letter and this beautiful book! You’re a such a special person!


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  1. Beautiful story, beautiful friend!

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